Ear Piercings

Ear Piercing & Solution From £15.00

14ct Gold, Titanium and Gold Plated Earrings all with Ear Care Antiseptic Solution 
White or Yellow Gold Studs available with unique safety clutch backing
The Only fully Encapsulated
System with the most fashionable assortment of earrings!
Cartilage Ear Piercing with the Inverness System 2000 is "Safe"!

Why Choose Jewellery & Gifts ?
Inverness has introduced the best ear piercing system ever! Our new system 2000 re-revolutionises ear piercing. In addition to being safe, sterile and completely encapsulated, our new system provides the ear piercing consumer with the safest, gentlest and easiest to use ear piercing system ever. Guaranteed! We have been Piercing for 35 Years and Know how to make  the younger girls feel safe and reassured through out the experience.  


  • Quieter, Easier Piercing
  • Narrow Nose for Precise Multiple Piercing
  • One Piece Lock in Cartridge
  • Retractor for Trouble Free Piercing
  • Non-Adjusting Patented Safety Clutch
  • No Touch Cartridge Eject
  • Clear Cassette with Separate Sterile Compartments(1/2 Pair)
  • Fully Encapsulated Piercing Earrings
  • Fully Trained Staff

Ear Care Antiseptic
The proper care of newly pierced ears is essential to maximum comfort and safety. Inverness developed a specially formulated antiseptic for this purpose. Our ECA is a gentle, safe antiseptic which aids in the healing process and prevents infections!

This registered antiseptic is safe and has our unique, tamper proof safety seal to guarantee the quality of our product. When used regularly, this product provides the maximum protection and comfort for Inverness ear piercing consumers.

Here is a list of the styles of first studs available.

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24ct Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia First Stud
24ct Gold Plated C/Z Set Stud3mm StudFirst StudSafety Back To Prevent Over TighteningEar Piercing Se..
24ct Gold Plated First Stud
24ct Gold Plated5mm StudFirst StudSafety Back To Prevent Over TighteningEar Piercing Service In Stor..
Titanium First Stud
Titanium Stud4mm StudFirst StudSafety Back To Prevent Over TighteningEar Piercing Service Provided I..
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